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Combining a track record in strategy consultancy and leadership execution of effectively tackling business challenges.

Change is inevitable,

progress is a choice

Every company phase comes with its own challenges. The need for a refreshing view or effective solution is crucial but unfortunately very scarce. Even more so in situations where pressure is building up or already under critical stress. My wide-range of expertise enables me to offer a unique perspective in addressing both strategic as well as executional challenges.

With over 15 years of experience in strategy consulting and leadership execution, I have a track record of providing effective solutions for a diverse range of companies varying in complexity, phase, market and scale.

Worked in almost every type of market E.G. :

putting my money

where my mouth is

I won’t leave you behind with just a set of fancy Powerpoint slides, I’ll also do the execution to ensure the results if needed.

My fast-paced no-nonsense result-driven approach enables me to quickly identify the root cause of an issue. As a scenario thinker, I can then quickly oversee the potential impact of solutions for all business units or stakeholders.

My business acumen and strong interpersonal skills help me to gain the necessary buy-in to effectively drive the needed change to ensure company growth on both commercial as well as cultural level.

I’ll let my references do the talking for me.
If these still aren’t enough, feel free to contact me for more.

Helping companies
with e.g. :

  • A breakthrough on strategic issues
  • A refreshing view (second opinion) to challenge the current available scenarios
  • A new or alternative approach on the execution of an existing strategy
  • Advisement in the pre-investment, -acquisition, -merger or -exit phase
  • Breaking up the silos within the company
  • A more agile, sustainable, cost effective and future proof way of working
  • Executive coaching

Worked with almost every type of technology E.G. :

Areas of expertise
include e.g. :

  • Digital & Online e.g. :
    E-commerce, digitalisation, automation, platforms and SaaS
  • Innovation & Business Development e.g. :
    Products, propositions and strategic partnerships
  • Data & Data-driven e.g. :
    AI, Customer data platforms, analytics, BI and CX
  • Strategy & Growth e.g. :
    Business models, customer types, markets and internationally